Hirosoft International LLC

The Epicure software suite has recently been reacquired by Dale Preston, the creator of Epicure.

Dale Preston developed Epicure in the 1980s. The software was sold to Risk Sciences International in the early 2000s and a Windows 32-bit version was released. Since that time, Epicure has seen little outward changes but Dale has continued to improve the software behind the scenes.

In 2023, Dale re-acquired the rights to Epicure from RSI and launched an LLC to continue to develop and market Epicure.

Hirosoft International has plans for Epicure’s growth. Here is a short list:

  • Update Epicure to 64-bits using modern code and compiler foundation. Allowing:
    • Larger datasets
    • Faster processing
    • Windows, Mac, Linux versions
  • Change the pricing from a one-time (expensive) purchase to a subscription model, with discounts for multi-seat subscriptions.
  • Create a web site to allow the Epicure community to interact and get support.

Development has just begun, but alpha versions show impressive performance improvements. We are excited about these changes and look forward to interacting with you.